360 Project is a place where thoughts and ideas about global connections

can have a voice and be transformative.


Small things make a difference. 




Bottles containing a message of good will and other objects are being placed in locations around the world including USA, Canada, India, Korea, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, and Japan. 


Bottle objects include a paper crane folded from a map or flag of a distressed city or country, beginning with Kathmandu, Ferguson, Missouri, and Charleston, South Carolina, Syria, Paris, Beirut, San Bernardino, CA. Orlando, Istanbul, Nice, France, others. 2017: USA


Also in the bottles are plantable wildflower seed paper, a lotus plant seed, Job's tears seeds, and/or mustard green seeds.  


Bottle finders are given password access to a form on the INNER CIRCLE page and encouraged to pause and respond to some prompts. Their responses will appear on the FULL CIRCLE page as we receive them.






Diane Nushida-Tokuno and Marya Roland have been friends since MFA graduate school in Studio Art at the University of Washington.


Diane is an artist/environmentalist in Hawaii.  

Marya is a creative activist and Director of Artipants Yogipants Studio, the home of screaming Quiet Art.