Bottle #19, Haywood County Library, Waynesville, North Carolina, USA, near book titled "Message

My grandmother was always known as the "baby whisperer" within our family. She volunteered in a hospital that took care of newborns that were born with their mother's addictions. She could calm an infant with just simple rocking and humming a tune.

Shortly after she passed away I vividly remember being asleep and her voice shouting " Caroline, you need to check on Sadie!" Sadie at the time was a newborn. I raced upstairs to find her lying in bed sopping wet from a leaky diaper. While she wasn't injured or in danger, she needed her mother. I will never forget thinking, that my grandmother is still looking out for babies and for me.

Even when we think people have left our lives, there will always be a connection. She is our guardian angel.

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