Bottle #12, Whole Foods, Asheville, NC, September 2015  Found smashed open in car wash parking lot i

Things that make my heart sing: Surprises, love letters, kisses, sharing secrets, good books, coffee, karaoke, that crackling sound you hear when playing old vinyl records, sunrises, sunsets, road trips, baby animals, old married couples holding hands, comfortable silences, and that feeling you get when somebody looks at you in a way you know they don't look at anybody else.

Ways I contribute to the well of human harmony: Practicing empathy and kindness towards everybody ALWAYS--even if some people make it really hard to do at times.

Most magical thing that has ever happened to me: I find magic in everything that happens to me (such as finding this bottle!), but I'd like to think that the "big" magic in my life has yet to come. Something small that had a big impact on my life: Probably way more things than I realize! Think of all of the times that you slept in or turned right instead of left or got lost or hit every red light and arrived at your destination late. I believe all of these small things contributed greatly to the big picture of your life and where you are now and where you will be in the future. So don't sweat the small stuff! It's meant to be. It's magic.

Finding this bottle made me feel as if I had won some sort of karma lottery. At first I thought perhaps this was a local art movement, but upon visiting the website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had found one of many bottles placed all over the world! Although my bottle was smashed open on the ground, I believe the positive energy it contained to still be intact.

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